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exhibition by Tanel Rander
13.01. - 30.01.2015 in LCCA

13.01. - 30.01.2015 in LCCA, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Alberta street 13, Riga

The process of organizing knowledge about Eastern Europe has leaded to the scheme "Three displays of Eastern Europe", based on two different types of transformation:

a) post-Socialist transformation as the basic difference of Eastern Europe;

b) transformation from biopolitical organization and understanding of life into necropolitical organization and understanding of life, within the geopolitical belonging to the global West or  to its peripherized, militarized and abandoned frontline.

In the book “Necropolitics, Racialization, and Global Capitalism” (2014) Marina Gržinić and Šefik Tatlić write about “the former East” as one of the dark sides of European Union and the West. They relate the dark side mostly with migration and labor politics of Europe, but since 2014 “the former East” occurs as the strategic military frontline, constituted by the regions that have borders with Russia.

The exhibition gives overview of my artistic activities from the past years, that have turned out as the final years of "the Former East". At least in the Baltics, that was almost never included to the discourse of the Central and Eastern Europe. During the period of westernization Ukraine always existed as the target for Western investors and as a resource of cheap labor for the West and the whitest parts of the Former East - especially Poland. 

The exhibition starts with the look into the biopolitical origin and genealogy of East European nation states, which is illustrated by the story from President Lennart Meri. It proceeds with focus on the relations with the West - mostly through migrant labor from the East. The documentation of performance "Human Forestry" in Helsinki by 10x10m artist group is a necessary reference here, in order to re-think the cultural bridge and brotherhood between Estonia and Finland, and the structural position of Eastern Europe in the policy of the EU. Finally the proof materials and responses to the necropolitical turn are displayed. 

The exhibition of part of my four years long artistic research – the re-articulation of Eastern Europe, using the concepts of decoloniality.

Earlier research-related projects:

1. Introduction to Eastern Europe and decolonial option, in Estonian context:

exhibition “Decolonize This” (2012, Y Gallery, Tartu), more info: http://decolon.blogspot.com

2. Thinking of Eastern Europe and difference within the Schengenland:

exhibition “No Borders – No Difference?” (2013, Tartu Art House), more info:

Current exhibition has also the educational program, based on the following events:

Lecture/seminar “Three Displays of Eastern Europe” (Tanel Rander), 14th of January at 18.30 (LCCA)

Lecture “Unlearning Eastern Europe” (Magdalena Radomska from Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, and Tanel Rander), 27th of January at 18.30 (LCCA)

Thanks: 10x10m, Indrek Grigor, Estonian Culture Endowment, Kaisa Eiche, Karolina Kubik

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